Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Poem by Sara: Bowl of Pottage

Photo Credit: Free Images

You had your first kiss,
First moonlight walk.
Walked hand-in-hand with someone else,
Told her your stories.

Went all the places you've never been.
There is no new ecstasy
In my arms,
No new weakness at my touch.

You gave away your song,
Your vulnerabilty,
Insecurities laid bare.

Lip to lip,
Skin to skin
Sigh to Sigh
Never new again.

She awoke the longing
She heard you lose yourself in her.
I have the re-release,
The kareoke copy of the original.

Long ago the eldest son 
Was last to his father's side.
"Is there no blessing reserved for me?"
Love what is left to love.

With all my heart.
With all my heart.
With all my heart.

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